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[ft-devel] new CFF engine

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [ft-devel] new CFF engine
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 20:11:31 +0200 (CEST)


Adobe, in collaboration with Google, has contributed a new CFF parsing
and hinting engine.  The last few months it was my job to fully
integrate the code into FreeType, and I'm very pleased with the
results.  Here are links to the relevant blogs:

Look at the comparison images :-)

Below are the relevant parts of the CHANGES file (which also give
details how to enable it); as you can see, there are also a bunch of
improvements for ftview and ftdiff.

I plan to release 2.4.12 in about a week.

  Please test and enjoy!  



    - We have another CFF parsing and hinting engine!  Written by Dave
      Arnold <address@hidden>,  this work  has been  contributed by
      Adobe in  collaboration with Google.   It is vastly  superior to
      the old CFF engine, and it  will replace it in the next release.
      Right  now,  it  is  still  off by  default,  and  you  have  to
      explicitly select it using  the new `hinting-engine' property of
      the cff driver:

        #include FT_CFF_DRIVER_H

        FT_Library  library;
        int         engine = FT_CFF_HINTING_ADOBE;

        FT_Property_Set( library, "cff", "hinting-engine", &engine );

      The code has  a (mature) beta status; we encourage  all users to
      test it and report any problems.


    - Using the `H'  key, it is now possible to  select the CFF engine
      in both `ftview' and `ftdiff'.

    - It is  now possible  to directly select  the LCD  rendering mode
      with the keys `A'-`F' in  `ftview'.  The key mapping for cycling
      through LCD modes  has been changed from `K' and  `L' to `k' and
      `l', and  toggling custom LCD  filtering is no longer  mapped to
      key `F' but to key `L'.

    - In `ftdiff',  key `x' toggles  between layout modes:  Either use
      the  advance width  (this is  new and  now the  default) or  the
      bounding box information to determine line breaks.

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