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[fluid-dev] Pitch bend range/pitch wheel sensitivity?

From: Mark Raynsford
Subject: [fluid-dev] Pitch bend range/pitch wheel sensitivity?
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 13:38:41 +0000


It seems that I can set the pitch wheel sensitivity using the command:

pitch_bend_range 0 12

This means that when I push the wheel up to maximum, the pitch is
increased by 12 semitones. When I push it to minimum, the pitch is
lowered by 12 semitones. This either applies to channel 0, or to all
channels, I'm not certain.

This is all fine, but I was under the impression that I could actually
define this in the SoundFont itself. I assume I need to add a modulator
in the global zone of an instrument or preset, but it's not clear to me
what the modulator settings should be. The spec is somewhat less than
helpful on this point.

Mark Raynsford | http://www.io7m.com

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