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Re: [fluid-dev] Windows compilation

From: Antoine Schmitt
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Windows compilation
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 13:48:40 +0100

Hi Luke,
I built the .lib file some time ago without much problems I think, and have it available if you want.
What was your problem exately when building it ?

:::::::::3/12/06::::10:42 +0000::::Luke Palmer:::::::::
I'm trying to get a project I wrote working on Windows using Visual
Studio .NET.  The windows version I downloaded (1.0.3) had .a and .la
files, which VS.NET doesn't grok (cygwin's preference, perhaps?).
Also, when trying to build it myself, the Fluidsynth LIB project was
corrupt and couldn't be opened.

Does anybody have experience with this problem?  I'm not hacking on
fluidsynth, so if anybody has made fluidsynth.lib, that would suffice.
I'm not averse to putting in a little work to build it either.


++ as

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