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Re: Flexisip as proxy and registration timeouts

From: Ian Coetzee
Subject: Re: Flexisip as proxy and registration timeouts
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 17:10:07 +0200
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Hi Francois,

Thank you for the repl

On 2021/07/28 15:10, Fran├žois Grisez wrote:

No, Flexisip doesn't regularly send push notifications for requiring the client to register again. However, Flexisip can notify a client by a push notification each time it needs to forward a call invitation (INVITE request) or a chat message (MESSAGE request). Then, you just need to program your client in order it registers again to the proxy when such push notification is received. Once the client is registered again, Flexisip will send all the pending requests for this client.

This is how we currently have it setup, however the call is not routed to the flexisip instance as the registration has timed out. Hench this question if flexisip is able to send reregistrations OBO the sip client

Kind regards
Ian Coetzee

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