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[Flexisip-developers] push notification not working because ev->getOutgo

From: Brian J. Murrell
Subject: [Flexisip-developers] push notification not working because ev->getOutgoingAgent() == NULL
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 06:43:13 -0400
User-agent: Evolution 3.32.3 (3.32.3-1.fc30)

I've chased down why I'm not getting push notifications.

For reasons beyond my current comprehension of the BC SIP stack, in

shared_ptr<OutgoingTransaction> transaction = 

returns NULL and assigns it into transaction, which means that no push
notification is sent:

                if (transaction != NULL) {
                        if (sip->sip_request->rq_url->url_params != NULL) {
                                try {
                                        makePushNotification(ms, transaction);
                                } catch (const runtime_error &e) {
                                        LOGE("Could not create push 
notification: %s.", e.what());

Any ideas or thoughts on why this would be?


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