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[Flexisip-developers] registers with itself until 483 Too Many Hops

From: Brian J. Murrell
Subject: [Flexisip-developers] registers with itself until 483 Too Many Hops
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2019 09:51:27 -0400
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I have flexisip up and running as a proxy for my Asteirsk PBX but when
I configure linphone to REGISTER to it, flexisip ends up forwarding the
REGISTER to itself recursively until it returns a:

SIP/2.0 483 Too Many Hops

I have both Asterisk and Flexisip on the same machine on ports 5060 and
5061 respectively.

I have linphone configured to use the FQDN (i.e. pbx.example.com) name
of Asterisk/Flexisip machine as it Domain and set the Proxy to
<sip:pbx.example.com:5061;transport=tcp> and then enabled Outbound

So how is Flexisip supposed to know to supposed to forward to port 5060
and not itself on port 5061?


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