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[Fianchetto-users] struct s_player

From: Ruben Porras
Subject: [Fianchetto-users] struct s_player
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 23:11:59 +0200

I was commenting the s_player structure, but I don't understand the
meaning of some fields, I understand that we need to take into account
points discounted by punishments, but it's not clear which variable
should save this information, ¿abuse or forfeits?.

Also we need to extend this structure.  We need to know:
* how many points are achieved because of breaks.
* if the player still plays in the tournament.

struct s_player {
  char name[20]; /* name of the player */
  int Id; /* Identifier of the player, the highest the rating, the lower
the Id */
  int rating; /* ELO of the player */
  float score; /* points achieved by the player */
  t_title title; 
  int games; /* number of played games */
  int wins; /* number of won games */
  int losses; /* number of lost games */
  int draws; /* number of draws */
  int forfeits; 
  int abuse; /* points discounted due to penalties */
  int *played; /* list of rivals Id's ordered by round */

  /*  long updatetime;
  struct s_dbplayer *next;
  struct s_dbplayer *prev; */ /* not used */

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