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Re: [Fianchetto-users] struct s_player

From: Ignacio García Fernándeza Fernndez
Subject: Re: [Fianchetto-users] struct s_player
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 13:18:14 +0200

El 16/06/04 23:11:59, Ruben Porras escribió:
I was commenting the s_player structure, but I don't understand the
meaning of some fields, I understand that we need to take into account
points discounted by punishments, but it's not clear which variable
should save this information, ¿abuse or forfeits?.

Hmm. I think all the fields were included reading the FIDE rules for Swiss tournament. So, probably it is explained there. If not, remove any field that you cannot find a use for :o/

Also we need to extend this structure.  We need to know:
* how many points are achieved because of breaks.
* if the player still plays in the tournament.


struct s_player {
  char name[20]; /* name of the player */
  int Id; /* Identifier of the player, the highest the rating, the
the Id */
  int rating; /* ELO of the player */
  float score; /* points achieved by the player */
  t_title title;
  int games; /* number of played games */
  int wins; /* number of won games */
  int losses; /* number of lost games */
  int draws; /* number of draws */
  int forfeits;
  int abuse; /* points discounted due to penalties */
  int *played; /* list of rivals Id's ordered by round */

  /*  long updatetime;
  struct s_dbplayer *next;
  struct s_dbplayer *prev; */ /* not used */

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