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Re: Free software politics, not world politics please

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Free software politics, not world politics please
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 16:36:50 +0300
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* Uwe Brauer <oub@mat.ucm.es> [2022-06-25 15:11]:
> >>> "JL" == Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> writes:
> > * Dmitry Gutov <dgutov@yandex.ru> [2022-06-25 12:47]:
> >> On 25.06.2022 09:49, Jean Louis wrote:
> >> > Sure you have. Just that we wish to include Russian in this mailing
> >> > list, and Ukrainian, and not foster conflicts with this war mongering
> >> > signature of yours. Find better forums for that.
> >> 
> >> I don't mind the signature.
> > Please understand that we do not talk about Dmitry here, we talk about
> > nice behavior on a mailing list related to free software.
> Just a last comment, before, Eli, rightly might intervene. 
> I have chosen a *signature* of my liking. I am pretty sure that you have
> all the necessary software skills at your disposal to not display this
> signature.
> But instead, the one who is babbling (that is the translation of the
> word labern you are using) in this mailing list, is you.
> If you were Russian I could see a point and would try to explain, but
> you are not even Russian,

OK, I am sure that you have difficulties seeing the point. So the
point is here:

GNU Kind Communications Guidelines

| Please don't raise unrelated political issues in GNU Project
| discussions, because they are off-topic. The only political positions
| that the GNU Project endorses are (1) that users should have control
| of their own computing (for instance, through free software) and (2)
| supporting basic human rights in computing. We don't require you as a
| contributor to agree with these two points, but you do need to accept
| that our decisions will be based on them.

Who cares if I am Russian or what. It may matter only to some types of

> But worse of all: you  support a war of aggressions, denying an
> attacked nations its right of self defense, that is guaranteed by the
> international law.

I do not support ANY war EVER, and never DID ever.

> Your statement that helping the Ukraine to self defend its country, 
> would mean killing more people is not *only cynical* since it implies
> that the aggressor succeeds unperturbed and causing the death of 10 of
> thousands you seem not to care about, but is just *disgusting*

Problem is not so easy. Human lives are not a free programming code
where things may be placed very logical and transparent for everybody
to understand what is going on. A professior in University sitting far
far from those affected families in Ukraine cannot understand their
suffering, a professor may know international laws and act upon such
blunt forms and norms. What about human rights? Do those 13,000 people
have also human rights? They were Ukrainian nationals within Ukraine.

> I strongly condemn Putin's war of aggression against the Ukraine.

I would agree on your signature if you would rather be bipartisan and
say that you condemn all kinds of killings and aggression. However,
you are not independently looking on the situation.

> I support to deliver weapons to Ukraine’s military.

That is such a stupid decision, frankly. Those weapons are never
delivered free of charge, they are loan to Ukraine, thus you like
future generations of Ukrainian children to be enslaved to pax all the
taxes so that they can pay the money back for anyway (to be) destroyed

If you live in EU, you are taking bread from other people without
asking them for consent. Somebody needs to pay all that war

If you or me support it or not, it does not matter anyway, as
countries will simply decide on the top level to spend our citizen'
money and send those weapons. 

If you support it there are those corrupted European MEPs, write to

There are better ways, for whatever you wish to achieve, including
collaborating with your university professors.

Feel free to go to Ukraine as mercenary, that is all your decision.

But all that is not relevant to GNU and free software.

Why did you find GNU mailing list to find your your proponents?

There are better places on Internet with more exposure for you. There
are better ways of advertising. Pay some advertising and get your
new members in the club.

> I support the ban of Russia from SWIFT.

SWIFT is very private organization. Me I support banning ALL countries
from SWIFT. Why only Russia?

> I support the EU membership of the Ukraine.

Why not?

It is up to every corrupted country to join the corrupted EU or not.

> https://how-to-help-ukraine-now.super.site/

I do not mind such a nice website. It is not directly supporting war mongering.


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