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Re: [what's wrong with you] (was: Weniger labern bitte)

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [what's wrong with you] (was: Weniger labern bitte)
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 16:19:50 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/+ () (2022-05-21)

* Uwe Brauer <oub@mat.ucm.es> [2022-06-25 15:12]:
> >>> "JL" == Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> writes:
> > Hallo Uwe,
> > Bitte lassen Sie Menschen in Bezug auf Freie Software kolaborieren,
> > also machen Sie bitte keine Trennung zwischen Menschen die an der
> > Emacs Mailing Liste teilnehmen. Emacs ist nicht ihre Weltpolitik, es
> > geht nut um Freie Software.
> I am not sure what you want to achieve with this half baked German
> message. So you speak some German or know how to use the google
> translator, well I speak some French but none  of us is a native
> speaker, so let us better stick to English.
> I have chosen a signature of my liking. I am confident that you have all
> the software skills at your disposal to *not* display my signature, but
> you chose to sent me censuring messages.

Well let me improve my English:

1. reprimand, censure, criminate -- (rebuke formally)

Did I? If that is so, I let it be. I consider it rather a request,
"Bitte um Einsicht", that we have there all kinds of users, and we do
not promote wars in GNU, but we strive to promote software freedom.

I hope you did not mean censoring, as that would be something else.

> This is especially annoying given your past messages:
>     1. not only did you present a series of wild, unfounded conspiracy
>        stories («I was in Germany I wrote a book, I know Hitler was
>        just a puppet),

I never wrote a book in Germany. I have participated by providing
research information to a book author.

That is not a conspiracy but fact. Go to Holocaust Museum in Berlin
and make your own research.

Those statements are not related to any support of war, neither they
are related to your "weapon delivery" on GNU mailing lists. 

If you find it annoying, I am sure you will find some solution.

>     2. but you even insulted my families and friends being either be
>        brainwashed or victims of a mass hypothesis because there were no
>        uprisings in East Germany, Hungary, Cheslovakia. Frankly these
>        messages seemed to me a product of a perturbed mind.

I have not insulted your families. I have not even know until now that
you have many of them. I know nothing about you but your full name,
email address and your university. I have not know nothing about
uprising, and I never involved myself in such discussions of uprising
in East Germany, Hungary, what. 

And I do not mind how you think I have perturbed mind, that is your

I welcome you just as anybody. I respect your free software

I do not mind what you think about what country, if you are nazi or
not nazi, I do not mind that.

All the above IS NOT RELEVANT:

What I mind is that we do not divide people on GNU mailing list, by
promoting wars.

Speak about your politics and views somewhere else. Feel free.

> So I am forced to conclude that you are Putin's puppet, 

One big fricking buhahahahaha on that.


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