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Re: Help building Pen.el (GPT for emacs)

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Help building Pen.el (GPT for emacs)
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 20:00:47 +0300
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* Shane Mulligan <mullikine@gmail.com> [2021-07-18 11:01]:
> Pen.el stands for Prompt Engineering in emacs.
> Prompt Engineering is the art of describing what you would
> like a language model (transformer) to do. It is a new type of programming,
> example oriented;
> like literate programming, but manifested automatically.

Sounds like a replacement for a programmer's mind. 

> A transformer takes some text (called a prompt) and continues
> it. However, the continuation is the superset of all NLP tasks,

Where is definition of the abbreviation NLP?

> as the generation can also be a classification, for instance. Those
> NLP tasks extend beyond world languages and into programming
> languages (whatever has been 'indexed' or 'learned') from these
> large LMs.

What is definition of the abbreviation LM?

> Pen.el is an editing environment for designing 'prompts' to LMs. It
> is better than anything that exists, even at OpenAI or at
> Microsoft. I have been working on it and preparing for this for a
> long time.

Good, but is there a video to show what it really does?

> These prompts are example- based tasks. There are a number of design
> patterns which Pen.el is seeking to encode into a domain-specific
> language called 'examplary' for example- oriented programming.

Do you mean "exemplary" or "examplary", is it spelling mistake?

I have to ask as your description is still pretty abstract without
particular example.

> Pen.el creates functions 1:1 for a prompt to an emacs lisp function.

The above does not tell me anything.

> Emacs is Grammarly, Google Translate, Copilot, Stackoveflow and
> infinitely many other services all rolled into one and allows you to
> have a private parallel to all these services that is completely
> private and open source -- that is if you have downloaded the
> EleutherAI model locally.

I understand that it is kind of fetching information, but that does
not solve licensing issues, it sounds like licensing hell.

> ** Response to Jean Louis
> - And I do not think it should be in GNU ELPA due to above reasons.
> I am glad I have forewarned you guys. This is my current goal. Help
> in my project would be appreciated. I cannot do it alone and I
> cannot convince all of you.

Why don't you tell about licensing issues? Taking code without proper
licensing compliance is IMHO, not an option. It sounds as problem

> > Why don't you simply make an Emacs package as .tar as described in Emacs
> Lisp manual?

> Thank you for taking a look at my emacs package. It's not ready net
> for Melpa merge. I hope that I will be able to find some help in
> order to prepare it, but the rules are very strict and this may not
> happen.

I did not say to put it in Melpa. Package you can make for yourself
and users so that users can M-x package-install-file

That is really not related to any online Emacs package repository. It
is way how to install Emacs packages no matter where one gets it.

> > How does that solves the licensing problems?
> The current EleutherAI model which competes with GPT-3 is GPT-Neo.
> It is MIT licensed.

That is good.

But the code that is generated and injected requires proper

> Also the data it has been trained on is MIT licensed.

Yes, and then the program should also solve the proper contributions
automatically. You cannot just say "MIT licensed", this has to be
proven, source has to be found and proper attributions applied.

Why don't you implement proper licensing?

Please find ONE license that you are using from code that is being
used as database for generation of future code and provide link to
it. Then show how is license complied to.

> The current EleutherAI model which competes with Codex is GPT-j.
> It is licensed with Apache-2.0 License

That is good, but I am referring to the generated code.


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