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Re: 2021-05-03 Emacs news

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: 2021-05-03 Emacs news
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 08:54:02 +0300
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* Ramesh Nedunchezian <rameshnedunchezian@outlook.com> [2021-05-04 10:02]:
> Summary: Helm now has "official" info and html documents.
> Now the Helm documents are available in info format.  The texi2html
> pages are available on Helm's official website.
>     https://emacs-helm.github.io/helm/doc/index.html
> The documentation is in Org format and TexInfo manuals are created
> using ox-texinfo.el, so learning texinfo shouldn't be a barrier to
> improving the current documentation.

I like Helm and used it much. But then I realized I don't want
programs be locked to Helm, so I have liberated them so that any kind
of completion may be used.

Documentation on that website starts with technical things, not
so practical, that practical part is there but rather hidden, harder
to find. Helm should start with simplest explanation including with
the animation showing how it works.

The actual start of programming with Helm is so much simpler than what
is facing me as reader on that page.

If any package is visual, that is Helm. It should speak visually to
reader, instead of expectation that reader already knows everything
about it.


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