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Re: 2021-05-03 Emacs news

From: Ramesh Nedunchezian
Subject: Re: 2021-05-03 Emacs news
Date: Tue, 4 May 2021 11:16:42 +0530
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Summary: Helm now has "official" info and html documents.

Now the Helm documents are available in info format.  The texi2html
pages are available on Helm's official website.


The documentation is in Org format and TexInfo manuals are created
using ox-texinfo.el, so learning texinfo shouldn't be a barrier to
improving the current documentation.

I would be very happy if you could _give prominence_ to the
availability of official Helm manuals and put out a call for new
contributors to helping improve the existing documentation.

A popular project like Helm deserve better documentation.


I was exploring Helm and I found that the documentation could be
improved.  So I took some time to revamp the existing Helm documents,
and add additional information to it.  I have done much of the heavy
lifting needed to produce the info documents.  In the process, I have
knocked out 4-5 bugs in the ox-texinfo.el.

I hope to return to improving the helm docs.  In the meanwhile I hope
others could move it forward.

Thanks in advance.

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