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From: Titus von der Malsburg
Subject: org-cite-list-bibliography-files
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 14:47:20 +0000


I’m starting to learn about org’s new capabilities for citations and 
bibliographies.  Exciting, and great work!

Two suggestions/requests:

1. `org-cite-list-bibliography-files' returns the bibliographies defined 
locally and the globally defined bibliographies together.  I propose to only 
list the local bibliographies, if defined, and to return the global 
bibliographies otherwise.  I think the user needs a way to override the global 
setting if necessary.  For example, when I work on a manuscript, I’d like to 
use that manuscript’s dedicated bibliography, but ignore my global 
bibliography.  It’s very common to work with dedicated bibliographies IME, and 
the UI of oc-basic doesn’t show from which bibliography an entry is coming.  So 
there’s no way to reliably select entries from just the dedicated/local 

2. The oc-basic processor makes citations look like clickable links (blue, 
underlined, mouse pointer changes to finger), but when I click on them, nothing 
happens.  I can only follow a references via `org-open-at-point'.  It would be 
good to make citations clickable.  I also suggest allowing users to follow 
links via C-c C-c which currently doesn’t do anything on citations.  The other 
obvious action that C-c C-c could trigger would be `org-cite-insert'.  Not sure 
what’s better.


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