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Re: Bug#42184: org-fontify-whole-*-line in emacs 27

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Bug#42184: org-fontify-whole-*-line in emacs 27
Date: Sun, 09 Aug 2020 15:27:39 -0400

Kévin Le Gouguec writes:

> Huh.  Based on the discussion for bug#37774[1][2][3][4], I had assumed
> this kind of kludge would be necessary, but both Emacs 25.3 and 26.3
> seem to evaluate and byte-compile the following snippet with no errors:
> #+begin_src elisp
> (defface foobar '((t (:extend t)))
>   "Test extend in 26.3"
>   :group 'org-faces)
> (custom-set-faces
>  '(foobar ((t (:extend nil))) t))
> #+end_src
> Obviously I'm all for removing this shim if it's not needed.  From some
> light testing it looks like removing it breaks the customization widget,
> though?

Ah, good point.  I didn't think to check that in my testing, and indeed
it looks broken.  Okay, let's go with

  `((t :inherit shadow ,@(and (>= emacs-major-version 27) '(:extend t))))

as the org-block spec then.


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