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Re: Bug#42184: org-fontify-whole-*-line in emacs 27

From: Kévin Le Gouguec
Subject: Re: Bug#42184: org-fontify-whole-*-line in emacs 27
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2020 11:26:59 +0200
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Kyle Meyer <kyle@kyleam.com> writes:

> Kévin Le Gouguec writes:
>> Since 27.1-rc1 is out, I'd like to bump this; it'd be a shame if 27.1
>> shipped with this bug, which seems to be getting some attention (I just
>> spotted a Reddit thread[1] about it, in addition to the original report
>> on Debbugs).
> In the associated emacs-bug thread, Eli said that ship has sailed.  With
> the possibility of making it into 27.1 out of the picture, I think this
> patch should be made against the Org repo, as usual.
> As I said in the emacs-bug thread, the patch (which you also included
> upstream in this thread) looks fine to me.  If you'd prefer to bundle
> your org-block change in the same patch, could you send an updated patch
> here against the Org repo?

I've just noticed that my patch for org-block (bug#42184#44) was missing
a compatibility shim for Emacs<27; here are updated patches against
maint and master:

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I don't think anyone has reviewed org--extended-face yet (I first
drafted it in bug#42184#17), so don't hesitate to call me out on it if
something looks off.  FWIW I saw no warnings when running "make" with
Emacs 26.3 nor with 28.

I made patches for both maint and master because

- the patch for maint has a small conflict in org-compat when applied
  against master,

- I'm not sure which branch will eventually be synchronized with
  emacs-27 (assuming we'll include this fix in 27.2).

Thank you for following up on this.

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