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[Feature Request] More flexibility in org-speed-commands customization

From: Gustavo Barros
Subject: [Feature Request] More flexibility in org-speed-commands customization
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 15:49:48 -0300
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Hi All,

Org's speed keys are a very interesting feature to which I've long been attracted to. And indeed, I've flirted with it a number of times in the past. But every time I do so, I end up stepping back, because I get weary of fat fingering my documents. The whole set of speed keys is more powerful than what I would wish. I'd love to have speed keys for navigation and visibility, but I would also gladly refrain from these "too handy" editing keys.

As things stand, the speed keys are defined by combining `org-speed-commands-default', a defconst, and `org-speed-commands-user', a defcustom. But the former already contains a large set of speed keys, including some quite powerful editing ones. And it is thus hard to remove these keys.

Of course, it is possible. We could shadow the same key in `org-speed-commands-user' to do nothing. Or, though a defconst, `org-speed-commands-default' can be redefined after loading Org. The first is clumsy, and renders the `org-speed-command-help' buffer quite confusing. The second feels wrong (because it is).

I don't know if there is a strong reason to hard-code the set of keys in `org-speed-commands-default'. But, if there isn't, could you consider (somehow) exposing the whole set of `org-speed-commands' to user customization?


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