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How create a hook before export ONLY to text

From: pineiden
Subject: How create a hook before export ONLY to text
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 14:42:01 +0000

Hi friends.

First time here, I have a couple of years working with org and i love it.
Now I have a problem.
I discovered the plantuml language to create nice charts, also I have minted configured to transform in latex to pdf.
But minted doesn't have the lexer so throws error.
I think, if there are a simple solution to do that.
A hook, maybe this:


To parse or use 'sed' i don't know yet. To change the "#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml" to "#+BEGIN_SRC text" or similar.

So, what i need to know or do?
I know a little of lisp, i understand i have to:

- condition export to latex (only, because html is fine)
- if use plantuml change, if not not
- in latex has to create \begin{minted}[text] and not

Or, there are a general form to drop the minted on languages that not has lexer? Using emacs-org

Best regards!!

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