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Re: Editting from the agenda view

From: Shérab
Subject: Re: Editting from the agenda view
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2019 08:58:42 +0100

Dear Sebastian,

Many thanks for your helpful message. 

Sebastian Miele (2019/11/27 02:55 +0000):
> After opening the agenda, inspection of the buffer-local variable
> major-mode (e.g. by C-h v) reveals that the major mode in the agenda
> buffer is org-agenda-mode. A search for a variable containing
> "org-agenda", and "map" reveals that most probably org-agenda-mode-map
> is the keymap used there. It follows the usual naming scheme for major
> mode maps.
> After (require 'org-agenda) it will be possible to (define-key
> org-agenda-mode-map KEY BINDING) in an init file.

Thank you so much for also having taken the time to explain how you
found it, that's very helpful!

Best wishes,


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