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Re: Editting from the agenda view

From: Shérab
Subject: Re: Editting from the agenda view
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2019 08:54:33 +0100

Hi Victor, many thanks for your response!

Victor A. Stoichita (2019/11/26 20:19 +0100):
> Indeed they are not global bindings. I don’t know how to rebind them for the
> agenda view.
> Meanwhile, the same functions in the agenda view are also bound to C-c C-x
> <right> and C-c C-x <left>. These should work in the terminal, but I’m not
> sure how handy they are as "shortcuts".

Well at least I could try the commands, thanks a lot for that!

So in my understanding thiese reschedule the event for the previous/next
day and I assume that the prefix argument can be used to reschedule by a
different number of days.

Best wishes,


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