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Re: [O] Strange Behaviour while rescheduling date

From: G. Martin Butz
Subject: Re: [O] Strange Behaviour while rescheduling date
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 10:34:09 +0200
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Hello Sebastian,

Am 23.09.2013 09:46, schrieb Sebastien Vauban:

"G. Martin Butz" wrote:
In case I try to reschedule a date from the weekly agenda view I get the
following backtrace; I am under the impression, that this seems not to be the
bug, which I have tried to describe in the last message, but at least it
shows, that something is wrong (with my setup/emacs/org?)

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Before first headline at position 1 in
buffer date.org")

FYI, I also experience that (annoying) message now and then, but I never
understood which conditions did make it appear -- and, no, it's not an advised
split-window in my case ;-(.

well, I am not entirely sure, that the backtrace I manage to get was actually directly related to the initially described behaviour. Seemed to be two differnt things but somehow connected. As I could not savely reproduce the rescheduling and replacing of an org-buffer by the calendar (no backtrace/no 'official' error) I did use the rescheduling of a date starting from the agenda buffer as a test case. This led to the offendig config /split-window/.

Now everything seems to work fine.

So far

Best regards,

| G. Martin Butz, address@hidden, 0421 98749324, www.mkblog.org |

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