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Re: [O] [dev] New version of org-index.el --- A personal index for org a

From: Alan Schmitt
Subject: Re: [O] [dev] New version of org-index.el --- A personal index for org and beyond
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 08:58:29 +0200
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address@hidden writes:

>> Here are a few notes I'm taking as I'm playing with it.
>> First, the table seems to be different from the one on worg. Here are
>> the columns I have:
>>   |     |      |                  |         |               | comment   |
>>   | ref | link | created          | count;s | last-accessed | ;c        |
>>   |     | <4>  |                  |         |               |           |
>> I guess "comment" includes Type, description, and Keywords? Or can I
>> extend this table as I see fit?
> Yes, just add any further columns you need. As long as the do not have a
> semicolon, they are ignored. You can also reorder columns according to
> your needs.

Ah, good to know, thanks.

>> Also, I noticed it's impossible to create a link to a file. If a file
>> does not have any org entry, then org-index link will fail with "Before
>> first headline at position 35591 in buffer ...". I can go around this by
>> creating an headline, but then I cannot use saveplace or something like
>> that to put me in the same place in the file (typically at the very end
>> of a long data table, to input more data).
> Currently org-index uses the function org-id-get-create to create the
> link. This function needs an org-mode nodes and whence org-index has the
> same limitation. However, it might be possible to create more general
> links here, that would be able to point to non-org files. I will check
> this for the next version.

This would be great. Maybe a support for usual org links could be a way
to do this?

>> Finally, what is the workflow to create a new reference? The way I do it
>> is "link" from the place to link, then call "+fill" in the table. Is
>> there a simpler way (that would do both in one stroke)?
> Definitely: With the initial prompt just choose "ref"; this will only
> create a new reference, but not a link. If you want both, then you
> currently have to use the workflow you described. However, having a
> feature, that allows both, would be easy to implement, if needed.

Could you give examples of when one would want a link without a ref, or
a ref without a link?

Thanks again,


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