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Re: Allowing point to be outside the window?

From: Po Lu
Subject: Re: Allowing point to be outside the window?
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 16:13:46 +0800
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Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> writes:

>> From: Po Lu <luangruo@yahoo.com>
>> Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 11:07:57 +0800
>> I wonder what would be involved in allowing point to be outside a
>> window's visible area.
> Two steps:
>   1. Design the feature: how would it work? which operations would
>      bring point back into the viewport, and which won't?  For
>      example, a simple question: if point is outside of the viewport,
>      what is the effect of C-f or C-n on display?

The effect would be move point forward, or to the next line, and then to
recenter the window, so point is at the center of the window.

Inserting text should probably recenter the window as well, if point is
outside the visible area (this is also how other programs behave).

This is how other programs behave as well.

> IMO, it's a large job if done cleanly.  Patches welcome.

Thanks, I will take a look at it.

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