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Re: Any new method to deal with Emacs Fonts settings puzzles nearly ever

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Any new method to deal with Emacs Fonts settings puzzles nearly every Chinese emacser?
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 08:45:07 +0200

> Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 12:14:39 +1300
> From: Phil Sainty <psainty@orcon.net.nz>
> Cc: tumashu <tumashu@163.com>, emacs-devel@gnu.org
> On 2021-11-14 04:21, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > On GUI frames Emacs takes the width of each character in pixels from
> > the font that is being used.
> Potentially Emacs could provide a defcustom mapping of fonts to minimum
> character widths, and if the actual width of any character is less than
> the customized minimum then the (larger) minimum width is used instead
> (I guess padding either side of the character).
> I've no clue whether this is practical -- I know very little about 
> fonts.

This could be done, but as I already asked up-thread: how will the
user know what value to give to the defcustom?  Especially if Emacs is
using more than one pair of fonts, due to several important features
using non-default faces?  And even with the default face, what happens
if the user does "C-x C-+"?

I feel that I don't understand the issue well enough, because it
sounds strange that Emacs needs to invent a solution for a problem
that was probably already solved umpteen times in other programs (and
I don't mean terminal emulators, I mean GUI programs).  I very much
doubt that those other applications provide such a user option, so
some more sensible solution must exist.

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