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Re: `M-x yank-media'

From: T.V Raman
Subject: Re: `M-x yank-media'
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2021 18:23:55 -0700
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Lars Ingebrigtsen <larsi@gnus.org> writes:

org-mode where it turns into some kind of image link perhaps?
> I've now finally added a framework for meaningfully yanking
> non-plain-text selections into Emacs.  The only mode that supports it
> yet is message-mode, but look:
> Here I yanked an image from Chromium.   The system works!  ?0?5
> (See the manual(s) for details.)
> Other obvious modes is html-mode (for text/html and images) and
> ... image-mode?  I guess?  The latter could perhaps just prompt for a
> file name and save it (and then display it).



--Raman(I Search, I Find, I Misplace, I Research)
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