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Re: 68033285 * .gitlab-ci.yml (test-all): Run only when needed.

From: Alan Third
Subject: Re: 68033285 * .gitlab-ci.yml (test-all): Run only when needed.
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 10:23:48 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 09:03:38AM +0200, Michael Albinus wrote:
> Alan Third <alan@idiocy.org> writes:
> > I think you may have made a copy/paste mistake with the wildcards in
> > this commit.
> >
> > "- src/*.{h,m}" means any file with a .h or .m extension but I guess
> > you intended src/*.{h,c}. There are a lot more types of files in src/,
> > though, so I don't know if it should just be src/*?
> There aren't so many files except *.c and *.h which matter. But these
> other files are changed not very often, so it might be OK.
> OTOH, I don't know what happens if a file is matched in both
> only/changes due to src/*, and in except/changes due to src/ns*.{h,m}.

Yes, I'm not sure either. I've gone with {h,c}.

> > Since we're now excluding the test-all job from running when NS .m
> > files are updated, should we add make check to the end of the
> > test-gnustep job?
> Fine with me. Does a gnustep Emacs build runs also in a Debian environment?

Yes, although since the test environment is headless it will just be
running in -nw mode, I guess? I've left this out for now. We can see
how the changes to the only and except sections work and decide if we
need to add it later.
Alan Third

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