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Re: Delete variables obsolete since Emacs 23

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Delete variables obsolete since Emacs 23
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 13:54:50 +0000
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In that case, would a two-step process not be better? First declaring the function "obsolete", and when it is known that it will be removed declare it "pending-removal" with a target major version.

I'm not sure it would make much difference to the speed at which people move away from using the obsolete feature (which is really all that matters, in the end).

FWIW, I think it would. With the current situation there is no concrete reason to move away from such a feature. As Eli wrote "we don't really know whether we will remove [an absolete feature], let alone when", so it could very wall stay there forever, and I can understand Drew's viewpoint who did not make the effort to update the 2500 lines of his codebase in which 'interactive-p' is used. If he had been warned, when Emacs 25 was released, with:

(declare (pending-removal called-interactively-p "27"))

he would have known that it would be removed in a medium term, and would have had a reason to update his codebase.

That being said, about this particular feature, I still don't understand why it is obsolete. It is just a way to express a common pattern in a shorter way, like say (1+ x) and (+ x 1).


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