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Re: Cleaning up and structuring user-emacs-directory

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Cleaning up and structuring user-emacs-directory
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 09:33:51 -0400
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> The pros of the XDG Base Directory approach suggested by Gunnar include
> the proposed behaviour by Emacs conforming to the XDG Base Directory
> spec, which has been seeing adoption among GNU/Linux applications.  Its
> cons would include `user-emacs-directory' no longer being the one-stop
> shop for the user's Emacs files, a more significant departure from
> Emacs's traditional behaviour.

Another important downside of the XDG thingy is that AFAIK it's not used
under w32 (where some other system is used instead).

I think it'd makes sense to make it *possible* to follow either the
"system-specific" approach (e.g. XDG under GNU/Linux) or the
"Emacs-specific" approach (i.e. all under ~/.emacs.d).

Note also the the OP didn't suggest using XDG but only suggested to add
some structure underneath ~/.emacs.d, which seems quite reasonable and
useful regardless of the use of XDG.


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