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Re: How to test a buttonizer

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: How to test a buttonizer
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2023 10:08:38 +0300
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* Eduardo Ochs <> [2023-01-03 06:27]:
> I was going to answer this in private, but my answer was getting very
> long and very detailed, and I saw that I would prefer to send it to a
> public place. So here is it.

Of course.

> 1. Introduction
> ===============
> I think that you will need several different buttonizing functions.
> For most of the functions here
>   (find-eev "eev-elinks.el")
> a simple algorithm will work, but try this one:
>   (find-ecolor-links "gold")

# (find-ecolor-links (ee-color-choose-tk "gold"))

Can't execute:
let: Symbol’s function definition is void: ee-write-string

>   (fname &rest rest)
> Should the buttonizer treat that as an elisp hyperlink? I don't know -
> some people would accept using one that does, but some people would
> hate one that buttonizes that argument list as a hyperlink...

If you wish to parse all buffer and buttonize regions, then for those
lines which you don't want buttonized, provide some marker that should
not exist in the line, to skip the line when parsing.

> Please tell me if the hints above don't help you and/or if any of them
> does not lead you to learn things that are interesting & fun.

Temporary buffer generation gives me useful concepts.

My work is all about the Dynamic Knowledge Repository. Using packages
like eev, Hyperbole, Org, and other hyperlinking packages help with
creation of integration between elements


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