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Re: Video: Bidirectional links with eev (@ EmacsConf 2022)

From: Esteban Ordóñez
Subject: Re: Video: Bidirectional links with eev (@ EmacsConf 2022)
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2022 17:09:36 +0000

El 2022-12-05 10:34, Eduardo Ochs escribió:

> Remember that you will need this to maintain your indexes...
>   (find-edit-index-intro)

I will try.   (not with org-roam).

> I tried org-roam a bit in 2020. If I remember correctly it required a
> database, it used IDs that were too long and not very human-friendly,
> and the notes had to be put in files that also had human-unfriendly
> names and that had to be in Org mode

I have seen several implementations of zettelkasten with Emacs besides
Someone in EmacsConf used only Hyperbole to make a zettelkasten.
Another speaker used a coctail of easily installable packages.  He even
had a repo. 
There is also denote-mode.  But the developer is not willing to port it
to Emacs 27.1, which is the version I use.

I do not want to use org-roam because it is not on GNU elpa.  So I would
have to do the freedom verification myself.  I am not sure that I am
capable to do such a task.

The demos for all these takes seem bloated, needing a big package for
just creating automatically updateable links between notes which
themselves have tags.

So, I was hoping for you to explain how to use only eev to make a
zettelkasten.  I did not mean to integrate eev with Org-roam.  If you
don't know or you don't want to spend time with that task, please
explain which do you think would be the general procedure and how would
I start.

Thank you for your continuous and patientfind-ind help!

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