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Re: Video: Bidirectional links with eev (@ EmacsConf 2022)

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: Video: Bidirectional links with eev (@ EmacsConf 2022)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2022 12:34:53 -0300

On Mon, 5 Dec 2022 at 11:26, Esteban Ordóñez <> wrote:
> El 2022-12-04 02:22, Eduardo Ochs escribió:
> > Suggestion: try the material here
> >
> >                                 (find-kla-intro)
> >
> >
> >                    (find-eevfile "eev-kla.el")
> >
> Thank you.  I am testing now
> I wonder if kla2 or the other kl* commands could be useful in setting up
> a zettelkasten.  Zettelkasten seems as a great method to capture ideas
> and organize them in a great interconected network.  And Ithink that eev
> could be useful for that.  Even though several videos in Emacs covered
> zettelkasten, I think that eev could be of great help for making those
> notes in a more practical and Emacsy way.

Remember that you will need this to maintain your indexes...


I tried org-roam a bit in 2020. If I remember correctly it required a
database, it used IDs that were too long and not very human-friendly,
and the notes had to be put in files that also had human-unfriendly
names and that had to be in Org mode... what happened was that 1) I
hated it, 2) I gave up playing with it after just a few minutes, 3) I
didn't learn much about how it works, 4) I didn't "integrate it with

"Integrating org-roam with eev" would mean two things:

  1. eev would have a function `find-orgroam' that would work like
     this. This sexp

       (find-orgroam "Foo Bar" "Blitch Blep")

     would open the org-roam notes about "Foo Bar", and would search
     for the first occurrence of the string "Blitch Blep" there,

  2. `find-here-links' would recognize when "here" is a note in
     org-roam, and would generate a temporary buffer with links like
     this one:

       (find-orgroam "Foo Bar")

  More later,

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