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dtas-0.15.0 "!binary" in yaml file

From: Rene Maurer
Subject: dtas-0.15.0 "!binary" in yaml file
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 11:45:46 +0100
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After updating to dtas-0.15.0, I see the following data in the output
of dtas-ctl:

| comments:
|     TRACKNUMBER: '7'
|     TIN: '07898659721703'
|     DATE: '1940-06-04'
|     DISCNUMBER: '1'
|     LABELID: '89061'
|     ORGANIZATION: BATC Diegon - para bailar
|     GENRE: Tango
|     TITLE: En la buena y en la mala *
|     ARTIST: !binary |-
|       RW5yaXF1ZSBSb2Ryw61ndWV6
|     PERFORMER: Armando Moreno
|     GROUPING: !binary |-
|       Um9kcsOtZ3VleiwgTW9yZW5v
|     VERSION: T-1940

ARTIST and GROUPING contain a non ASCII Character (the 'í' in

My yaml parser was not able to handle this by default. This is now
fixed in my code.

Is it possible to have (for example) UTF-8 data in the output instead
of "!binary"? What is the purpose of the "!binary" constructor?

Sorry this may be a beginners questions as I do not know yaml at all.

Besides, I have the impression that the 0.15.0 release notes are not
available on https://80x24.org/dtas/NEWS. 


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