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[Dnarchitect-devel] dramatics fraternize

From: Sim Wiggins
Subject: [Dnarchitect-devel] dramatics fraternize
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 02:22:25 -0700

Immediately the others began to ask him to explainonce more just what had taken place. Mother, said the little boy, is that my sister? The gamekeeper bowed, and said to his betrothed, Thank the counsellorand her ladyship, Mette.
My husband and I kept an eye on her, for we were afraid.
Soon it was cast up onland; a man caught it, carried it higher up, and loosed the rope.
Reeling and staggering, the ship came on.
The parish will have to take care of it, said the son.
The sand from the dunes whipped our faces, and the froth flew overour heads like snowflakes.
We had better bring it to the minister, said the son-in-law.
Then all sprang up just asquickly and caught each other by the hand. A man came out from the deckhouse, awoman after him. With these words she rose, slung the basket over her back, and gave meGods peace and farewell. Then hecan do with it whatever he thinks best. When he had ended his silent prayer, he said, Come,Terkil, come and kiss your greatgrandpa. No wind was noticeable, but the incessant roaring of the oceansounded louder. ButI could see nothing, and my anxiety grew.
The baby smiled as if it understood, and reached out its little hands toits new mother. But that I was sorry for many atime, for there was no peace by night or by day.
The ropes in the rigging were loosened, and thrown hither andthither; the masts were toppling. Dontyou think this little one is to be pitied? Vilhelm nodded witha quiet smile, and went out.
Butthat time he was alive and married and had one boy, but not any morechildren. Not if she was the only ship on the ocean, was the answer.
The second bar was passed in thesame way.
All went home; I went with my host and his family.
Marie said nothing, but looked as if she might do mostanything. His pointer ledthe searchers to the spot.
On the way home, toward evening, he came riding to Them Inn about fourmiles west of Himmelbjerget.
At that she grasped the spade and began to dig in the sand.
In afew minutes we were ready and left the house.
Building houses, greatgrandpa, said the boy.
Vilhelm nodded witha quiet smile, and went out. He stayedaway for two days and for three.
The baby smiled as if it understood, and reached out its little hands toits new mother. He cast a glance at the sea and then at the land.

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