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[Dnarchitect-devel] realty

From: Liza Porter
Subject: [Dnarchitect-devel] realty
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 06:33:58 +0300

As he struck the match and held it to the cigarette there came a ringingcrack of a gun. Wal, you neednt of told me thet, observed Stone. Yellow Jacket possessed a very singular feature.
They watched the cattle fer about two minutes.
Though the little gunman did not realise it, he had respect forcourage.
Glory said some mighty sweet things aboutyou.
Im looking for Jed Stone, he announced, frankly. They had breakfast and hurried outinto the snow.
Wal, youre lookin at him, replied the outlaw, tersely. Honest tGawd I never did, burst out Bud, in distress. An spoiled my settin in for you an Carr to fleece?
Used to ride under him when hehad charge of the U Bar.
Wal, you neednt of told me thet, observed Stone. Sit tight, all of you, ordered Stone, and faced the door.
Then he laid a humorous and mostsatisfying gaze upon Malloy. Ring Locke was in last night, announced Curly, an he shore had badnews.
Yellow Jacket belongs toyou, legally, because I bought it, an gave it to you. And his menstimulated his look if not his speech. Lang, theex-sheriff, also appeared heavily laden.
Thets funny, replied Malloy, with his little croaking laugh. Stone stood in the doorway and watched Trafts lithe, erect, forcefulfigure disappear in the trees.
Stone hesitated at the threshold of the cabin door.
Some years back Stone had indulged in the illusion that he was going toown Yellow Jacket. And the thought stung Stone that twenty yearsago he was very like this young man.
Reckon Jed built thet fire cause hes so absent-minded, remarkedsomeone. Then Sonoratold him that there was a camp somewhere down outside the gateway of thecanyon. Bud sat apart,disconsolate, and nursing a bloody nose.
An next mornin at ten oclock them steers was all on a stock train,ready to move.

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