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Re: GNUMail running on macOS 12.6 (Apple Silicon)

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: GNUMail running on macOS 12.6 (Apple Silicon)
Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2022 17:10:19 +0100
User-agent: GNUMail (Version 1.3.0)

Hi Florian

I test GNUMail on Intel 32 & 64 and PPC 32 quite extensively.... in a rainy sunday, I recompiled current on ARM to test.

On 2022-09-26 15:24:01 +0100 Ondrej Florian <onflapp@yahoo.com> wrote:

I had problems with both POP and IMAP (yahoo and google)
The POP3 problem was related to working with large emails (e.g. more than 5M)
I solved it by rewriting the code which splits the lines using memcpy.

POP3 works fine for me.

I admit I don't test POP3 since quite some time, I case I'd need to setup an account somehow. However both local as IMAP maiboxes for me handle also very big messages, like 20MB or 25MB complete of attachments, the message loads and the attachment is saved. Also I can copy the message from one to the other mailbox. So I doubt it is a size issue?
Or is the code you rewrote specific to POP3, please point me to it.

IMAP gets confused while fetching email body.
I am still trying to track this down.

I use IMAP extensively and have no big issues, perhaps it is a specific message that confuses GNUMail? In the past I tracked down many issues down to specific content. If the problem is replicable on certain specific emails and maybe not with the one before or after in your mailbox, let's try to investigate.

BTW: I am sending this from GNUMail

me too, this time from ARM, just to test.


Sent with GNUMail from GNUstep on a Raspberry PI 4.

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