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Re: Install GWorkspace To Fedora

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Install GWorkspace To Fedora
Date: Sun, 12 May 2019 12:32:45 +0200


most likely your compilation problem is just caused by switching the user (or 
the terminal) between running the GNUstep.sh script and trying to compile 
PDFKit. This library is not really needed by Gworkspace, but it should be 
rather easy to compile and the many point is that you set up an environment to 
compile any GNUstep component. They should be very similar and if you get on to 
build the rest will be fairly easy.

Finding prebuild package for Fedora 27 will be a bit complicated as this is 
already dated. I have OBS build GNUstep packages for me for Fedora 28 and 29 
(https://build.opensuse.org/project/monitor/X11:GNUstep). For some time I am 
having issues with transitive dependencies. This has nothing to do with GNUstep 
or the specific packages. It is an OBS issue where dependency substitution is 
only working for two levels. That is the reason why there currently is no 
package for Gworkspace.

Hope this helps,

> Am 12.05.2019 um 04:16 schrieb LilZebra <address@hidden>:
> Hi, I have recently upgraded my Fedora Workstation to version 27. I've been
> trying out the GNUStep Window Maker desktop and "want more". I am aware of
> the GWorkspace "add-on" that needs to be compiled (why isn't there a ready
> made Binary for Fedora!?).
> In searching various web forums, including the Google Group for GNUStep, I
> found that there is no Binary pkg. for GWorkspace and that I do indeed have
> to Compile this thing myself.
> So in reading the Gworkspace Download page at:
> http://wwwmain.gnustep.org/experience/GWorkspace.html
> <http://wwwmain.gnustep.org/experience/GWorkspace.html>  
> Which says to:
> To enable all the GWorkspace features you need also:
>    The PDFKit framework (version >= 0.9) downloadable here.
>    PDFKit is needed to build the pdf contents inspector and to extract
> metadata from pdf files. 
> So I download PDFKit too and go into that directory, type:
> ./configure
> Then I get an error message saying:
> configure: error: You must run the GNUstep initialization script first!
> OK, so I find out what to do to run the GNUstep initialization script. The
> instructions are WRONG. The correct path to the script is:
> /usr/lib64/GNUstep/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh
> Have to run this as root or it won't do anything or will complain.
> Run script. Go back to try to run ./configure for PDFKit and I get the same
> run GNUStep init script error message again.
> This is so frustrating. I am not a programmer. I don't compile things. This
> is not the early days of Linux in the 90s anymore. Why can't we have a ready
> made RPM install file for GWorkplace so that we can get on with our life?
> TY </rant>

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