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Re: Error in -NSURL writeToPasteboard:

From: Wolfgang Lux
Subject: Re: Error in -NSURL writeToPasteboard:
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 10:37:05 +0200

Fred Kiefer wrote:

> On 24.04.2012 09:37, Andreas Schik wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was trying to install a default OpenURL service on my system and came
>> across the following: while my service was being called it could not
>> read the URL from the pasteboard. The pasteboard passed to my service
>> reported an empty list of types, while there should of course be data of
>> type NSURLPboardType.
>> Digging around I found the above mentioned method declared in
>> NSPasteboard.m. This is called from somewhere in NSWorkspace to pass the
>> URL to the service. While the URL as such gets written to the
>> pasteboard, the method IMHO forgets to declare the proper type. Changing
>> the method as follows remedied my problem:
>> - (void) writeToPasteboard: (NSPasteboard *)pasteBoard
>> {
>>   [pasteBoard  declareTypes: [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
>>                      NSURLPboardType,nil]
>>              owner: nil];
>>   [pasteBoard setString: [self absoluteString]
>>              forType: NSURLPboardType];
>> }
> Committed. Thank you for the analysis and the patch.

But it's not how OS X works. Quoting the NSURL Additions documentation  
 it says "You must declare an NSURLPboardType data type for pasteboard before 
invoking this method; otherwise it returns without doing anything." So, the 
correct fix is adding
  [pb declareTypes: [NSArray arrayWithObject: NSURLPboardType] owner: nil];
to NSWorkspace -openURL:


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