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Re: GNA is down...

From: Derek Fawcus
Subject: Re: GNA is down...
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 10:01:07 -0800
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On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 12:34:15PM -0500, Gregory Casamento wrote:
> I don't think there are any positive reasons to pick git, so it's off the 
> table.

Oh well...

Actually,  I quite like git;  largely because of it being a collection of lots
of little tools,  such that one can (if one desires) easily extend it.
That is without having to learn another scripting language and plugin 
architecture (hg).

This being down to the decomposible nature of the parts.  Yes the 'plumbing'
part can be a sharp tool,  but if one works at the 'porcelain' level,  I've
not found it any more dangerous than other tools.

I've certainly managed to destroy history / data with all VCS systems I've ever
used - that is why one has backups.

I'd say a lot is down to perception,  and git has gained a reputation which
is not wholy deserved - largely down to how the 'porcelain' grew after the
'plumbing',  and having to maintain some backward compatibility with older
CLI options and behaviours.

As to git vs hg,  I'd say at a high level they're largely similar,  but I'm
more familiar with git.

The bit I like about using git is the way it allows one to hack up some code
committing as one goes,  and then in effect to rework the history of the
commits before pushing out to a public repository.   I say 'in effect' as
the original history is not lost unless one chooses to lose it.  Maybe
hg offers the same ability?


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