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RE: Help with Windows Setup - NSCalendar specifically

From: Kevin Konkle
Subject: RE: Help with Windows Setup - NSCalendar specifically
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 16:11:49 -0500

> To get NSCalendar you need to write that class

Yikes, that's definitely not the answer I was hoping for.  I think
contributing a new class to GNUstep is a bit out of my league, having never
looked at Objective C at all before Monday this week.  I'm much closer to
the "Hello World" stage with Objective C than I am to the "contribute
something useful to the language" stage. =)

My plan now is to write the necessary function using NSCalendarDate and get
it working on my system.  Then I'll give it to my friend who has a Mac, an
iPhone, and the iPhone Dev environment, and hope he is able to translate
from my code to an NSCalendar version of the code.

Definitely not ideal, but he is doing most of the dev and just asked for my
help with this one tricky function, which is unfortunately very date
intensive, which is the one thing GNUstep seems to lack in terms of iPhone

Thank you for your help.  I'll definitely look into the Make Files.


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From: Richard Frith-Macdonald [mailto:address@hidden 
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Subject: Re: Help with Windows Setup - NSCalendar specifically

On 5 Mar 2010, at 00:15, address@hidden wrote:

> I'm new to ObjectiveC, but I'm working on an iPhone App and that's the
language I have to use.
> I installed the 2 required files as per the instructions here:
> http://www.gnustep.org/experience/Windows.html
> This is setup and working, I can write up a simple program, compile it,
and it executes as expected.
> The issue I'm having is that the installer seems to include
"NSCalendarDate.h" instead of "NSCalendar.h".  As far as I can tell
NSCalendar is not supported on the iPhone and it's recommended I use
> I found a website that had "NSCalendar.h" available for download here:
> http://www.quantum-step.com/download/sources/mySTEP/Foundation/Sources
> /
> I grabbed that include file, modified my own "Foundation.h" file to Import
it, and recompiled.  Now I am getting the following error that I can't find
much reference to through Google.
>      "undefined reference to '___objc_class_name_NSCalendar'"
> Does anyone know what I can do to get NSCalendar working and compiling on
my windows system?  

GNUstep doesn't include NSCalendar, it uses NSCalendarDate.  To get
NSCalendar you need to write that class (and ideally contribute it to
GNUstep so that it will be available to everyone and will get bugfixes etc
from everyone).

A basic NSCalendar implementation (supporting the Gregorian calendar) should
fairly easy to write based on the NSCalendarDate code, since NSCalendarDate
already has all the needed functionality.

> I don't know if it's helpful but it took me some doing to get my "gcc"
compilation line working and it includes several switches that might be
influencing things.  NSString wouldn't work either until I added the "-f"
switch, maybe there's something similar I can do for NSCalendar?

I would recommend using gnustep-make to do your building, as it will do all
the compiler switches for you.
You can then do 'make messages=yes' to get it to print out the exact command
lines it is using if you need to know all the details.

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