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RE: problem porting sogo to use gnustep-make 2

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: RE: problem porting sogo to use gnustep-make 2
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:05:37 +0100

address@hidden wrote: 
> Hi Sebastian
> I had a look at SOPE trunk (which I understand is the basis of SOGo), at 
> at sope-xml and sope-core, and did some changes to support gnustep-make 
> flexible layouts -- the obvious makefile changes, but also I patched 
> and NGResourceLocator to work with gnustep-base >= 1.14 and gnustep-make 
>= 2.0.0
> as well as the existing FHS and older gnustep-make + libFoundation 
support. :-)
> Some changes (mostly the makefile ones) are no-brainers that really
> should go straight into subversion trunk; the changes to the ObjC code are 
> slightly less obvious and you may want to check them a little (basically, 
> compiling/installing/using SOPE in the various configurations, fix any 
> and you're done, there isn't anything particularly difficult once the 
> are found in the various configurations). :-)
> I also managed not to change the ObjC API of NGResourceLocator.m at all 
> should make Helge happy :-) - the new code heuristically maps paths 
relative to
> a GNUstep filesystem layout (ie, the old GNUstepPath arguments) onto the 
> arbitrary GNUstep paths (ie, what is required by 
> This means there should hopefully be no need to update callers, but I 
haven't tested 
> or reviewed the callers in the higher layers. ;-)
> It is possible to do better, but would require more extensive changes 
including API
> changes - this should be enough at least for sope-xml and sope-core. :-)
> Anyway, feel free to merge my patches/changes with yours / whatever 
someone else
> has been working on.  I hope this unblocks your gnustep-port work - let me 
> how it goes. :-)

I have got sope and sogo working now with only touching the GNUmakefiles and 
the ./configure scripts. I create a central config.make file where I define 
the main path variables, depending on either installation into GNUstep or 
FHS filesystem layout. So changing these is already ten times easier as it 
was before where these paths were set in many places.
The web bundles are not yet installed into e.g. Library/WebApplications, and 
other stuff, because I did not yet changed anything in the objc code. Your 
patches will definitly help me in making it fit better.
But my first changes are making the code more 64bit robust, with regards to 
library paths in FHS layout in sope. 
Then I'll take a close look at what you have done. I'll keep you updated how 
it is going.

thanks a lot!

> Thanks
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sebastian Reitenbach <address@hidden>
> Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 5:46pm
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: problem porting sogo to use gnustep-make 2
> Hi,
> to install sogo, there still was gnustep-make 1.13 used. 
> I changed the makefiles to install the libs in /usr/local/lib, bundles 
> below /usr/local/lib/sogo-0.9 and the web templates/webserverresources 
> below /usr/local/share/sogo-0.9.
> On OpenBSD, using the gnustep-make port, sogo finds the templates, 
> webserverresources, ... I got it to start up, and even authenticate me ;)
> Then I switched to openSUSE 10.3, I used the gnustep-base and make rpm's 
> from here: http://www.cenon.info/frame_gb.html.
> On Opensuse all files end up in the same place as on OpenBSD. 
> Then sogod starts up, I also see a line in the output:
> [SOGoProductLoader]> scanning SOGo products in: /usr/lib/sogod-0.9
> so these seems to be found.
> but when I try to access the page that sogo should provide via a browser, 
> get error messages about not found objects.
> I straced the sogod when I tried to access it with the browser. 
> I saw it searching for bundle-info.plist files for e.g. MainUI.SOGo 
> (MainUI.SOGo is in /usr/local/lib/sogo-0.9) but there is no such file in 
> that directory. There is also no such file in that direcotory on OpenBSD, 
> I am not sure whether this is my actual problem.
> On OpenBSD the GNUstep filesystem layout is nearly FHS like, so all stuff 
> goes into /usr/local/{bin|sbin|lib|share}
> With the rpms for OpenSUSE, all the GNUstep stuff goes into /usr/GNUstep.
> I assume that I do not have a problem to run sogo on OpenBSD because the 
> GNUstep filesystem layout fits well there, but as it is completely 
> on the Linux box, some lookup paths are pointing to where the actual 
> bundles... are.
> Hopefully someone understood what I wanted to say and maybe has an idea 
> it works with GNUstep on OpenBSD but not on openSUSE.
> Any hint on debugging or providing further information would be a great 
> help.
> kind regards
> Sebastian
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