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Re: [FOSDEM] t-shirts done, meeting on Friday

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: [FOSDEM] t-shirts done, meeting on Friday
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 19:50:21 +0100

Am 21.02.2007 um 13:04 schrieb Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf:


1. I got 18 t-shirts made for a better price than I estimated in the rough: just 220 € for all (that makes about 12,25€ each). I got six times M, six times L and five in XL (one XL is for myself). That should be pretty much enough for all of you coming to FOSDEM and I'll give them away for manufacturing costs to all GNUsteppers who are involved in presenting GNUstep at FOSDEM. Since I guess there will be some t-shirts left over I think we can sell them for about 15-20 € (what do you think?) to the audience

I got all T-Shirts sold for 12,25 € to the GNUstep Developers and 15 € for Joe Q Public (which seemed the price that was common for T- Shirts at the FOSDEM) or more If somebody wanted to donate (although there were only three non-GNUsteppers buying one - despite the rage the T-Shirt created two years ago: I got asked by more than ten people then where I bought that T-Shirt). The buyers are (GNUstep Developers who gave me more insisted on giving me more than 12,25):

Fred Kiefer             15,-
Richard Frith Macdonald 20,-
Jesse Ross              12,25
Benoit Astruc (?)       20,-
Nicola Pero             12,25 and 15,-
some User               15,-
Gürkan Sengün           15,-
Gerold Rupprecht        12,25
Helge Hess              15,-
Marcus Müller           15,-
Graham Lee (?)          15,-
some other User         15,-
Oliver Langer (?)       15,-
Nikolaus Schaller       15,-
just another user       15,-
Quentin Mathé 10,- (special price as a "Thank You" for the Étoilé-LiveCD)

That makes a sum of 251,75 € which is 31,75 € more than it took me to get the T-Shirts done (I paid 220 € == (3,50 € for each blank T- Shirt + 6,75 for each Flex-print) * 18 * 1,19 (19% FAT) + 0,45 € Tip). I'd like that "profit" to GNUstep-Project somehow in a way the bank transfer doesn't eat up to much of it (No, I don't do paypal - for amongst other things - security reasons). Anybody knows a way to do that (Gregory?)

and then spend the "profit" for cost at the stand (beverages, snacks for the booth people)

That did not work out - every time I asked if somebody wants something nobody wanted anything.

regards, Lars

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