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Help create a Mac OSX port of Charmap

From: Christopher Culver
Subject: Help create a Mac OSX port of Charmap
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 23:43:39 +0200 (CEST)

If you have a Mac OSX box, I would like to ask for help in creating a
Mac port of Charmap. The code is pure OpenStep, so the only work
necessary would be NIBs and files for the OS X build system.

>From what I understand, there's nothing on Mac OSX that compares to
what Charmap will be by version 1.0. Giving this to the community of
Mac users and saying that it was created on GNUstep would be, I think,
some nice exposure for our community.

The program is not large, and creating the NIBs would be very little
work. I'd be happy to provide a list of connections and
screenshots. Since the existing code is relatively stable and provides
much more functionality over release 0.1, I would like to do a new
release soon. So, if you have some spare time, please contact me.

(Charmap is hosted at Savannah.)

Christopher Culver

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