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Re: Help create a Mac OSX port of Charmap

From: Uli Kusterer
Subject: Re: Help create a Mac OSX port of Charmap
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 17:50:13 +0200
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In article <address@hidden>,
 Christopher Culver <address@hidden> wrote:

> >From what I understand, there's nothing on Mac OSX that compares to
> what Charmap will be by version 1.0. Giving this to the community of
> Mac users and saying that it was created on GNUstep would be, I think,
> some nice exposure for our community.

 From what I read on Savannah, I would guess that Charmap is an advanced 
version of a concept to which the MacOS X equivalent would probably be 
the "Character palette" you can get via the "Edit" menu:

 This palette lets you preview all character by code page, script system 
or unicode block, displays its name and shows "similar characters". It 
also offers a display of a character in all fonts that have a particular 

 Am I misunderstanding the (sadly rather sparse) description of what 
Charmap is here, or are the two programs fairly similar?

-- Uli

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