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Re: Menu Windows Moving in Windows

From: MA Garcias
Subject: Re: Menu Windows Moving in Windows
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 09:38:35 +0200
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Last friday I released a patch
for correctly handling the required messages in the win32 backend, not
only for menus but for any other windows. The problem actually was that
the frontend wasn't synchronized with the backend and the moved/resized
windows weren't updated nor redrawn appropiately. If you look at the
code from the GUI part, you'll see that both the menu (and some other
controls too) rely on the window position being updated inside their
event loop, which failed to happen in win32. Try to apply the patch and
report your results.

maGarcias | tragnarionStudios

S.J.Chun wrote:

>Hi, attached file is my simple testing code of NSMenu related drawing in 
>GNUstepBack bundle. Currently I cannot move
>NSMenu window CORRECTLY. I think we should add similar logic of my attached 
>file when WM_LBUTTONDOWN case.
>My idea is, if we can know whether current window is menu (from hwnd) and 
>current position of buttondown is in the
>menu title then do SendMessage(...). Am I wrong ? If this is right, can anyone 
>let me know how can I know whether
>this hwnd is for Menu or not ?
>Thanks in advance.
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