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Re: GNUstep On Windows (My Journey :-)

From: Marc Ordinas i Llopis
Subject: Re: GNUstep On Windows (My Journey :-)
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 17:19:43 +0200
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S.J.Chun wrote:


Hi, and welcome to the world of GNUstep on Win32!

GNUstepBase: Almost perfect(Compiled with gmp, openssl, xml, xslt)
GNUstepGUI/Back: can run simple example like Calculator.app, not rock stable yet :-) (Compiled with tiff, jpeg, png, ungif)
Could you tell which libraries and versions did you use for openssl, jpeg, png and ungif? I found very different versions all over www.mingw.org, gnuwin32.sf.net and www.zlatkovic.com, and after trying some small number of combinations I gave up and just compiled with no SSL and only TIFF support in gui.


Marc Ordinas i Llopis,
Tragnarion Studios

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