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GNUstep On Windows (My Journey :-)

From: S.J.Chun
Subject: GNUstep On Windows (My Journey :-)
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 23:30:33 +0900 (KST)


I am currently using GNUstep as my main workspace environment (in Gentoo 
Linux). And I decided to try this
on Windows as well. The good news is GNUstep Base, GDL2, GSWeb does work rather 
well (though not perfectly,
especially there's some problems with Framework, and I also did make some 
change to the framework directory
structure for there's no symbolic link in windows; actually I removed 
Versions/XXX and just leaves Headers and
Resources). And GUI and Back does work better than my last trial(last year?).
Now the bad news, gdnc crashes with Signal 11(Segmentation Fault) when I run 
application and close it and return
and close it(ie, run twice, maybe not correct, because I did tested this with 
only Calculator.app) And as I previously
mentioned, GSWeb framework resource loading does not work well and I'm 
currently investigating on this.
My first intent does not include GUI/Back part, but after reading some books on 
Windows application programming, I
felt that is not for human like me :-), so I have tried.

Just let you know if you are interested on GNUstep on Windows and its current 
status. Thanks.

GNUstepBase: Almost perfect(Compiled with gmp, openssl, xml, xslt)
GDL2: Tested with MySQL and it works rather well.
GSWeb: Simple examples with GDL2 just works well. But there's some problem in 
loading resources from framework.
GNUstepGUI/Back: can run simple example like Calculator.app, not rock stable 
yet :-) (Compiled with tiff, jpeg, png, 

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