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Re: Are we too serious these days? Let's go electing an official mascot.

From: thisguyisi
Subject: Re: Are we too serious these days? Let's go electing an official mascot.
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 00:32:44 -0800
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Riccardo Mottola wrote:
on 10/26/03 1:57 PM, Yen-Ju Chen at address@hidden wrote:

How about chameleon or leaf-tail gecko ?
They are slow (progress of GNUstep) and live in various environment
from dessert to rain forest (portability).
Althgouth they are opposite to big cat (MacOS X),
most of them are predator, too.

chameleon is good. It is very characteristic and could symbolize the ability
of GNUstep and GNUSTEP to run on a variety or platforms. The animal is nice
and can be stylized well. Tehy are very cute btw. And they are FAST
predators when it comes to catch the prey :-)


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I like the idea of the chameleon  as a mascot.

It does symbolize adaptability (chromatophores blending its appearance to match its surroundings/camoflauge), which is true of the various OPENSTEP variants, read: OPENSTEP/NT Enterprise w/ Windows NT camoflauge, Rhapsody with a Mac OS camoflauge, Mac OS X with new Aqua camoflauge, but all OpenStep implementations at the core.

Salamanders could also be a good mascot: there are many shapes and sizes and appearances, yet all are very good at adaptation, being amphibious and all. They also make a good representation of the different packages/ implementations of the same species as an analogue to the different packaged implementations of OpenStep implementations. Plus, they are also "slick" and "cute" and "kewl" in varying degrees.

My contribution,

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