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Re: Compiling from scratch.

From: Pascal J . Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Compiling from scratch.
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 07:57:39 +0200

Alex Perez writes:
> >
> Pascal,
> > First  problem,  this compile-all  script  asks  for  root.  There  is
> > absolutely no  need to be root  to compile and install  gnustep or any
> > other application software.
> WRONG. The "you need to be root" should *DEFINATELY* need to be more 
> verbose, but the reason that it requires it is because it installs to 
> /usr/GNUstep. A --prefix type flag would definitely be a good thing 
> however.

Absolutely  NOT.   It installs  where  I  say  it to  install  (namely
/local/GNUstep), and root did give  me write access to this directory.
And even  if it was  not the case,  root would have created  a gnustep
user in the gnustep group  and would have installed gnustep using this
non priviledged account.

> > Perhaps  GNUstep  would have  more  visibility  if  it could  be  just
> > compiled and installed  out of the box without having  to delve in its
> > depths, like any other package...
> Perhaps you should try being less negative. People are more willing to 
> fix/rewrite things if they perceive that you are trying to bring things 
> you think should be modified to light in a positive way.

I'm  definitely qualified  to debug  the compilation  and installation
process. The point is not here,  it's to allow people less advanced in
programming to install easily gnustep.   Perhaps they only want to run
a GNUstep  application, perhaps they're only  beginner programmers who
want  to learn Objetive-C.   In any  case, when  you can  download and
compile  with the  mere './configure;make;make  install'  thousands of
packages, there's  not reason  why it should  be more  complicated for
> In any event, I think your points are most definately valid.


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