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Re: [Suggestion] GNUstep-test for quality control (WAS: Re:deferreddeal

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: [Suggestion] GNUstep-test for quality control (WAS: Re:deferreddeallocation)
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 02:03:53 +0200

Stefan Urbanek wrote:
> Simplier solution: What about lots of users as a 'testing framework
> and quality controll'? Advantage of 'user based testing framework' is
> that it tests continualy. That 'framework' should also contain users,
> that were marked as 'kind of users that gnustep does not need' in a
> gworskpace thread few days ago on this list. More users means more
> testers and it does not matter what kind of users. At this time and
> state,  gnustep needs any kind of users. More eyes see more.

But the problem at this point isn't finding bugs. We already have an
abundance of known bugs and issues. Thus, I fear that currently, new
users would just be discouraged by all the existing problems, and even
if they do find new bugs, there's a big risk that they'll be lost in the
noise, or remain unfixed for a long time.

Eventually, I hope that things will work well enough that we'll need new
users to find more bugs, but I don't think we're there yet.

- Alexander Malmberg

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