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Re: [Suggestion] GNUstep-test for quality control (WAS: Re: deferreddeal

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: [Suggestion] GNUstep-test for quality control (WAS: Re: deferreddeallocation)
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 00:14:33 +0100

> No.  The testing code is typically so simple that it's very clear 
> whether or not it's correct.  See the C2 wiki for more details:

Hmmm, maybe I need to buy the book then - but beyond simple testing of
component parts I find it hard to believe, especially when you are
also trying to develop database driven/modifying code - because your
tests then end up having to create some form of dummy database populated
with data underneath dont they ?

> As the wiki describes, the standard book on how to do test-driven 
> development is "Test-Driven Development" by Kent Beck, co-creator of 
> JUnit.  It's short and sweet and definitely worth a read.

One for the autumn shopping list then :-)


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